ThisHartoMine Twitch Rules

The community we are creating is vulnerable in many ways, which is one of the reasons developing this community is important. The lived experience of each member is something we want to appreciate, but the creation of safe space for the community overall remains the top priority.

Chatters may experience an instant permanent ban in egregious cases, but most will be given warnings or strikes (3 strikes and you're out). Instant bans will apply in cases of doxxing, slurs, or harassment, and are issued at the discretion of mods in other cases. Mods are held to the highest standard for following rules to ensure the community is as safe as possible; they agree to a zero tolerance policy in order to maintain their mod status.


1. No Judging. (Note: Maud Squad may judge you in a permanent way if your behavior is poor.)


2. No Spam. Spamming is prohibited. We like some emote spam, though.


3. Please Be Present. Bigotry is extremely unwelcome here. Hate speech or other discriminatory language/actions will not be tolerated. Do not subject anyone here to racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, or any other oppressive aspect of human society. If you witness what you perceive to be unintentional bigotry or offense caused by a lack of understanding, please try to call people IN to a conversation that will help them learn to do better next time, rather than calling them OUT and losing a teachable moment. Allies and white people, LISTEN and pass the mic whenever it's wanted, but also be aware that this teaching responsibility belongs to you if you're an informed party, so it does not always burden groups that are already being oppressed. Engage with the goal of supporting the vulnerable and educating the misinformed. 


4. Please Be Aware. Behave respectfully on chat in all other ways that are not already covered by the paragraph above. No religious talk, asking for gift subs, self promo, or links. Consensual political discourse is permitted, but let’s not get carried away.


5. Emote Well. Offensive emotes should not be used.


6. Respect Mauds. A moderator's decision is final. Respect them even if you are unhappy with a decision.


7. Keep It Clean. Sexually explicit content of any kind is not allowed.