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WELCOME TO VLOCTOBER, BBS! How many of you totally didn’t think I was gonna do it? ME TOO.

Anywho, watch and marvel as I hurt my teeth while trying to “have fun and join the band.” ALSO…

*** HAVE A HART DAY UPDATE***: Massive props to the City Captains and all who volunteered this month!

- Oklahoma! 

- NYC!

- Auckland (soon!)

- Florida!

- Los Angeles!

You guys are incredible and deserve all the awards and then some. I’m so happy to be a member of a community with such good-h(e)arted and inspiring folk!

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Tumblr: http://have-a-hart-day.tumblr.com/

Asking for Help

I read what a lot of you write to me… and I feel like there is a common theme of not getting what you need from the people in your life. I remember feeling this way too when I was younger… and even occasionally as an adult.

However, sometimes, unexpected people (teachers, extended relatives, yourself, friendly dogs, etc.) are offering you help that you might not be taking.

I want to make a video about this…so let me ask you night owls first:

Why is it so hard to ask for help?


I’m shopping today. Lemme know!

FRIDAY: The day when people text each other to see if the odds of sex have increased or decreased throughout the week.