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Good morning, my darling kitchenettes!

I’m so sorry for my lack of tweeting and instragramming lately. I know that you must all really miss my thoughts. Such as:

"Why aren’t I eating a biscuit right now?"


"I love butter."

But it’s all for good reason because… I’m in CANADA! And I have no data plan for Canada… and so I have my phone off…basically all of the time.

Either way, here are some ambiguous pictures I haven’t been able to post:

- This is me chugging Emergen-C. Normally, I really don’t like to take that sort of thing but these last couple days have been a bit of a grind (Meet-up, Kitchen, Travel, Meet-up, Kitchen, etc.) Fortunately, I’m in for a little break as we travel to Calgary over the next couple days!

- This is the first Canadian thing that made me laugh:

- This is a spoiler image from tomorrow’s San Francisco episode!

And that’s it for now!

Anyway, volunteering/kitchens have been awesome. I’ve met some really incredible folks. Also, everyone has been so kind and supportive and helpful for roadtrips! We’ve gotten hand sanitizer, Starbucks gift cards, bottles of fancy local liquor, and even some of my personal favorite snack - turkey jerky! I love savory things.

Anyway, thanks so much for everything guys. We are heading into Week 2 and the crew is very happy and full of love.

And this is a picture of something cute:

See you soon!


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